About Our Coffee


1. We only use Arabica coffee beans and roast them after you order.
2. If you buy coffee in a typical store, how long after roasting has it been sitting
    in a warehouse? Sitting on a shelf in the store?
3. Our coffee is FRESH.
4. Our coffee is WHOLE BEAN unless you need it ground. Send us an e-mail
    within two (2) hours of placing your order to get it ground.
5. Our coffee is medium roasted unless you specify otherwise by e-mail within
    two (2) hours of placing your order. Keep in mind that darker roasts will mask
    many of the subtle flavors of a particular coffee.
6. Here are the roasts that we offer:
         Cinnamon   -     light brown            -    dry beans
         Medium       -    medium brown       -    dry beans
         Full City       -    dark brown            -    some oil appearing
         French         -    very dark brown    -    shiny surface
         Espresso     -    almost black          -    very shiny surface